Sonora is one of the best places to study in Mexico.

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Why Study in Sonora

Sonora is one of the best places to study in Mexico. With its 77 Universities and high academic standards, Sonora offers more than 300 undergraduate programs , and more than 170 graduate programs , all located around diverse destinations in the State of Sonora. Currently Sonora hosts students from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, France, Haiti, Peru, Spain, and USA.

Sonoran Higher Education Institutions focus on innovation, technology, culture, arts, health and sustainability. Throughout the state you can find many academic programs, as well as diverse cultural and development programs for academic growth. Our strategic sectors facilitate expansion and improvement in Sonoran communities. And if you want to experience Sonora´s captivating beauty you will find its different environments such as sea, beaches, deserts, valleys and mountains.

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Live in Sonora

Studying in Sonora can be a meaningful life experience. Explore Sonora´s cultural richness and enjoy it´s beautiful and vast scenery while taking higher education select classes and learning Spanish.

Here are some examples of the different activities that can be enjoyed in the state.

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Hunting and Fishing
Mountain Hiking and Cycling

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